Application Guidelines

We are seeking requests that will move our mission forward: to help underserved individuals move toward self-sufficiency as well as provide opportunities for enrichment in the communities we serve.

Please read the following information prior to beginning an application for support.

The Reinberger Foundation Process

  • Always begins with a Letter of Inquiry using the online application.
  • You will find an eligibility quiz prior to accessing our application.
  • You will get an email confirmation that your application has been submitted.
  • We will respond to your Letter of Inquiry by one month from the deadline for that program area.
  • We will either request a Full Proposal or decline support.


  • Organizations must have a current 501 (c)(3) ruling from the IRS. In special circumstances, a religious organization or public entity may qualify.
  • Organizations must provide service within Ohio. We support Northeast Ohio with a focus on Cuyahoga County and Franklin County focusing on Columbus, Ohio.
  • Program Areas

    We ask that you apply not more than 3 months prior to the application deadline for the program area.

    • Arts, Culture & Humanities
    • Museums
    • Visual Arts
    • Performing Arts
    • Media and Communication
    • Arts Education
    • Zoos
    • Public Recreation
    • Education
    • Schools and programs that serve school age low income populations in and out of school time
    • Adult Education/Literacy
    • Workforce Development
    • Human Service
    • Housing Stability, including shelter and temporary housing
    • Food Insecurity
    • Family Violence


    We ask that you apply not more than 3 months prior to the application deadline for the program area.

    Program AreaLOI Submissions BeginLOI Deadline
    Education(2020 support)December 15, 2019March 15, 2020
    Human Service(2021 support)April 15, 2020July 15, 2020
    Arts & Culture(2020 support)August 15, 2019November 15, 2019

    Priority will be given to those organizations that have received our support in the past 5 years. If The Reinberger Foundation has not made a grant to your organization in the past 5 years we would like a phone conversation with you prior to application. Contact Karen Hooser at (216) 292-2790 to discuss your request.

    In general, organizations will only be awarded one grant in each calendar year.

    Full Proposal

    • Our request for a Full Proposal will allow you 1 month to prepare and submit.
    • Response to the Full Proposal will be approximately 45 days from the submission deadline.
    • Grantseekers invited to submit a Full Proposal will be provided the appropriate information regarding deadlines and content.

    To begin, take our brief eligibility quiz and submit a Letter of Inquiry.